Custom Service

Fluoropharm has a good reputation among its partner based on decades of experience in the field of fluoride and motivated employees with high skills. We provide every customer with professional experience, excellent quality & sincere service.

Core Technology

1, Direct fluorination*Elemental fluorine gas*Anhydrous hydrogenesis fluoride (AHF)*Sulfur tetrafluoride (SF4) 

2, Fluorinating reagents*KF, CsF, Py-HF*DAST, Deoxo-Fluor, BrF3, IF5*NFSI, Selectfluor     

3, Trifluoromethylation*CF3TMS 

4, Difluorocarbene*FSO2CF2CO2TMS, FSO2CF2CO2ME 

5, Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE)


Fluoropharm's clients range from large multinational corporations to bio-techs, start-ups, and virtual companies. They have one thing in common - the availability for absolute discretion and total confidentiality. Faith is the foundation.Fluoropharm has a proven record of working with complete confidence under stringent non-disclosure agreements. Because as a fully integrated company undertaking all stages of a project, we could provide perfect custom synthesis and manufacturing services for some companies which can’t complete at some

Safety and Quality

*LC/MS, GC/MS, IR, UV, NMR, XRD for R&D are available from our cooperative universities nearby (results receiving within 8 hours).

* With strict analytical measures, the quality of our products is guaranteed.

* Waste disposal: Waste water, waste solid and gas are safely collected and treated.