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Fluorinating technology: 1.Fluorine(F2); 2.Sulfur tetrafluoride(SF4); 3.Nucleophilic Fluorinations; 4.Electrophilic Fluorinations; 5.Schiemann Reaction; 6.Finkelstein Reaction...Learn More

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Company responsibility: Committed to the research and innovation of fluorochemical products, to meet customers’ needs with excellent product quality and after-sales service;Company spirit...Learn More

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Our company has the certification of ISO9001:2015. We can provide professional customized services from gram to ton grade. We promise to serve you with high-quality products and efficient service.Learn More

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Make Fluorination More Professional

With the development of fluorine chemistry in the 21st century, fluorine chemistry will have broad prospects. Meanwhile, we are constantly pursuing and exploring the development potential of fluorochemicals in order to serve customers better. We look forward to cooperating with all of you to create a brilliant future together.

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