The third anti-tb drug was approved by the FDA


On August 14th, the FDA approved TB Alliance new fluorine-containing anti-tuberculosis drug Pretomanid to form BPaL with linezolid and Bedaquiline for a limited patient population, namely XDR-TB or MDR-TB adults who cannot tolerate treatment/poor treatment. The cure rate was 89%.This is a major breakthrough in the treatment of XDR-TB. Pretomanid is the third new anti-tuberculosis drug approved for market in nearly half a century. It belongs to the second new drug approved by FDA through limited population of antimicrobial and antifungal drugs and it is also the first new drug for tuberculosis developed and marketed by a non-profit organization.  (Global Alliance for Tuberculosis Drug Development,TB Alliance).Previous "advanced" treatment for extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis also requires patients to take up to 40 tablets a day for up to two years. Now the latest combination of drugs, taking only five tablets a day, can cure patients with a higher success rate in a six-month cycle, with a cure rate of 89%.