Progress in the development of new and efficient diabetes treatment drugs


    Recently, Wang Junfeng's research team from Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences modified the diabetes drug candidate FGF21 and made FGF21SS. Experimental results in diabetic mice show that FGF21SS exhibits more excellent blood sugar lowering and weight loss effects, and has good drug-making properties. Related research results have applied for national invention patents and international patent protection, and have reached preliminary intentions with many companies to jointly promote clinical trials and industrialization.

    At present, diabetes drug treatment focuses on controlling blood sugar and delaying the occurrence of related complications, but it cannot completely cure diabetes. The main reason is that the mechanism of action of diabetes treatment drugs mostly revolves around the hypoglycemic function of insulin, but does not target the real cause of diabetes-insulin resistance. Therefore, the development of therapeutic drugs that can improve insulin resistance will help to better treat diabetes.