The 150 millionth chemical substance was born!


According to the American Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN), the American Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registered the 150 million unique chemical substance on May 8th, 2-Aminopyrimidine carbonitrile derivative.

CAS said that such a milestone is very important, it is not only a number, and it is of great significance to the research direction. With the rapid development of global chemical research, CAS has spent about 40 years registering 25 million substances in 2005. In the past four years, 50 million substances have been registered.

The 150 millionth chemical substance patent belongs to Merck and is one of several promising compounds for TBK and IKKε inhibitors in the treatment of cancer and immune diseases(including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, lupus nephritis).

The CAS Registry database was created in 1965 to identify and aggregate chemical information. It is the world's largest database of unique chemical substances that have been manually indexed.