Long-term anti-AIDS, Combination of two schemes submits application


On April 29, 2019,the anti-AIDS long-acting two-party “cabotegravir + Ripirilin”submitted to the FDA for listing application, the combination is the world's first long-acting AIDS drug, can be used for virus suppression (HIV RNA<50 copies/mL)in AIDS patients. The long-acting combination has good efficacy in virus control, excellent safety and tolerability, and is expected to improve AIDS patient compliance in the long term. The "AIDS two-drug combination" will be another breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS.

The application is based on two key clinical trials of Phase 3, ATLAS (NCT02951052) and FLAIR (NCT02938520). Integrative enzyme inhibitor-based triple/quadruple has brought breakthroughs in AIDS treatment, AIDS is becoming a chronic disease, while the compliance and safety of long-term medication has received increasing attention.

Cocktail therapy has made breakthroughs in the treatment of AIDS. Fixed-dose single tablets improve patient compliance further, while integrated enzyme inhibitor-based triple/quadruple has become the mainstream program in the anti-AIDS market gradually, the 48-week virology control rate (HIV RNA<50 copies/mL) increased significantly, reaching over 90% generally.

AIDS has become a chronic disease, long-term multi-drug combination, compliance is a very prominent problem, toxic side effects will be more obvious also, these two issues become a thorny issue in the future treatment of AIDS. Anti-AIDS drugs with higher safety and better compliance is an inevitable trend.