Breakthrough in R&D of key technologies for high-end organic fluorine materials


    It was learned from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China that the Ministry of Science and Technology High-tech Development Division organized an expert review of the “Key Technology Research and Development of High-end Organic Fluorine Materials” project supported by the new material technology of the 863 Program recently.

    High-end organic fluorine materials is one of the important development directions in the field of new materials, and have good application prospects in the fields of aviation, aerospace, medicine, electronics, etc., and are of great significance to the technological upgrading of traditional materials industries.

    The project carried out trifluoropropyl dimethyl silyl propenyl ether, low temperature resistant fluororubber, perfluoromethyl vinyl based on high-/low-temperature fluororubber materials, new fluorine-based coatings based on polyvinylidene fluoride and fluorosilicone resins. The synthesis and properties of ether, high temperature resistant fluoroelastomer, modified polyvinylidene fluoride resin for powder coating and fluorosilicone resin have overcome the synthesis technology and high-end organofluorine product synthesis and modification of fluoromonomer monomer special monomer synthesis technology. Large-scale production and other key technologies, and built a low temperature fluorine rubber, high temperature fluorine rubber, perfluoromethyl vinyl ether, powder coating modified polyvinylidene fluoride resin, fluorine silicone coating demonstration production line.

    Through the implementation of this project, we have developed high-end products with independent intellectual property rights, optimized the structure of fluorine chemical products, and broken through a number of key technologies such as synthesis technology and large-scale preparation of fluorine-containing monomers and special monomers, to improve China's fluorine chemical enterprises. The ability of independent innovation to enhance the international competitiveness of the fluorine chemical industry is of great significance.