Fluorinating Technology

Fluorinating Technology

We have organized a professional team with more than 20 years experience to manipulate all kinds of fluorination reactions since foundation. If you want to avoid fluorination reactions in your R&D laboratories due to safety considerations or haven’t the expensive equipment for a small scale of fluorination reaction, we are able to provide custom synthesis services from grams to tons scales.

Examples of site-selective fluorination



2.Sulfur tetrafluoride(SF4)


3.Nucleophilic Fluorinations


4.Electrophilic Fluorinations


5. Schiemann Reaction


6. Finkelstein Reaction


7. Nucleophilic Substitution Cl (Br) or NO2 → F (KF, NaF, CoF3)


8. Methods for Introduction of CFn–Group(n=1,2,3)